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    THIS WEEKEND: the 2015 Norwalk Boat Show

    It's time for the best in-water boat show in the Northeast...

    Norwalk Boat Show

    It's finally here! The Progressive Insurance Norwalk Boat Show - the first fall show and our last big splash of the year is happening this weekend (September 24 – 27, 2015).


    Top 7 Benefits of Documenting a Boat with the U.S. Coast Guard

    documented vessels

    New boat and yacht buyers: Do you know if you should document your boat federally and/or register your new yacht with your state? What's the difference, what's right for your recreational or commercial vessel, and how do you proceed? We were lucky enough to connect with an expert, Maria Kolgen of Maryland-based Ocean Yacht Documentation, to get answers to these critical questions. Read on...

    Why hire a documentation service company?

    I am often asked, “What are the benefits of U.S. Coast Guard Documentation?” I have never been directly asked, “Why hire a documentation service company?” but would like to address this also. First, keep in mind that to be eligible for U.S. Coast Guard Documentation, a vessel must be at least five net tons in volume and be owned by a U.S. citizen.

    The seven benefits include: