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What did Tiger Woods name his boat?
I mean, his yacht! Tiger's last yacht's name was "Privacy", but it's been reported that he sold that and bought a yacht named "Solitude".
What was the boat name in Jaws (the movie and book)?
Quint (played by actor Robert Shaw) was the captain of a boat named ORCA. The ship he served on in WWII was the USS Indianapolis. I believe the boat that Richard Dreyfus originally showed up on was the Aurora.
What was the name of the boat on Gilligan's Island?
I think you already knew this, didn't you? It was the SS Minnow, of course.
What was the name of Popeye's boat?
It was, of course, The Olive.
The Oracle of Oracle
Larry Ellison, CEO of software firm Oracle, is one of the top 10 richest men in the world and also owns one of the top 10 biggest private yachts in the world. Rising Sun is about 244 feet long. But that's not his only boat. Ellison's yacht USA 17 won the most recent America's Cup, and his Oracle Racing Team USA has dominated the 2012 America’s Cup World Series.



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