Naming a Boat

The basics of boat names

Once you’ve selected the boat of your dreams, an even more difficult decision awaits you. Now you must name her, which is not an easy task. You have several things to consider besides simply picking a name you like. Your boat name will affect others, it will stick with you as long as you own the boat – and possibly longer, and it could help save your life. Choosing the right boat name is an important process, and hopefully our resources will get you thinking about how to name your boat.

The laws about naming your boat

There are no laws in the United States or most other countries that restrict you from choosing a boat name that is already in use, and it can be as long or as short as you’d like. You must register your boat in your state, which is more about the taxes and registration numbers than the boat name. If your recreational boat is over 5 net tons (usually 25 footers or longer), you can also choose to register it with the U.S. Coast Guard and make it a Federally Documented Vessel. The only boat name requirements related to a recreational vessel that is federally documented is that the boat lettering be at least 4 inches in height on the hull.